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Studio Master Tape

As you know, your reel to reel tape machine with a 2 track/15 ips has a far superior capability of playback sound than any other source components (i.e. record players, CD players, etc.,) available in the current audio market. It might be difficult to realize this sound capability unless you are performing at a recording studio, since not many high quality recorded tapes are available. DA Music would like to challenge the lack of recorded tapes out there and provide many Studio Quality Recorded Tapes. We are hoping to preserve and prosper the almost forgotten technology called "reel to reel" tapes.

We produced three selected albums produced by Mr. Kazu Matsui who was very active from the mid '70 as a "shakuhachi" bamboo flute player. He was well known for Background Music in Hollywood Movies such as Spielberg's "Legends of the Fall" and "Empire of the Sun" and much more.

We would like to take you to the ultimate quality of analog sound with our Studio Master Tapes.